Store Reviews

Store Reviews and Ratings: A page for customer reviews!

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Store Reviews
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Easy review management: View and manage customer reviews at a glance.
  • Customer interaction: Build trust by responding to reviews.
  • Continuous improvement: Identify areas for improvement through customer feedback.
  • Online reputation: Enhance your e-commerce with well thought-out responses.
  • Relevant overview: Get precise information on customer feedback.


The "Store Reviews and Ratings" tab is an essential tool for e-tailers wishing to improve their relationship with their customers. By giving you access to all the reviews you've received, this tab gives you an overview of your customers' feedback as well as your ratings. Thanks to advanced filtering features, you can easily sort and classify reviews by date, rating, month or year, to obtain precise and relevant information. One of the main features of this tab is review management. You can see the status of each review, whether pending moderation, disapproved or published, and quickly find them in the dedicated sections. What's more, this update also gives you the option of replying to reviews left by your customers. This feature allows you to interact directly with your customers, demonstrating your commitment to their satisfaction and establishing a relationship of trust. By responding to reviews, you gain a more complete picture of your customers' satisfaction and their shopping experience on your online store. You can identify what you're doing right and what you could do better, taking into account your customers' comments and suggestions. Responses to reviews are not only beneficial for improving your business, they can also serve as a powerful marketing tool. A thoughtful and respectful response to a review, whether positive or negative, can have a significant impact on your online reputation. Potential buyers are more likely to trust an e-commerce business that actively engages with its customers and takes their concerns into account. These positive interactions can therefore play a key role in acquiring new customers and increasing your sales.

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