Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews, for an optimal customer experience!

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Google Customer Reviews
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Improve your visibility on Google and social networks
  • Increase the trust and credibility of your online store
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost sales with positive customer reviews
  • Give your customers a quick and easy way to share their opinions


You have an e-commerce website and you want to collect customer reviews? Thanks to Google Customer Reviews, it's very simple! Once activated on WiziShop, you will automatically receive reviews from customers who made a purchase on your website. These reviews will be visible directly on your Google My Business page. This way, you can optimize the visibility and the referencing of your website. Reviews are an excellent source of trust for potential future customers because they can see that other people were satisfied with the products or services offered by your company. In addition to allowing users to express their opinions, Google Customer Reviews also offers the ability to respond to reviews so you can show your customers that their opinions are taken into account and their questions are answered quickly. You can also easily handle negative comments to correct a mistake or simply reassure an unhappy customer. Once activated on WiziShop, Google Customer Reviews takes care of all the technical part: sending invitations to each customer who bought on your website as well as the automatic synchronization of the received reviews on your Google My Business page. This represents a considerable saving in time and money, as there will be no need to use a web developer to set up this service or even to hire a team to manually manage the flow of reviews obtained. Google Customer Reviews is therefore a very practical tool to improve the trust of Internet users and boost the natural referencing of your online store. So don't wait any longer to activate this free service and start enjoying the benefits it provides!

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