Verified Reviews by Skeepers

Guarantee yourself authentic reviews with Verified Reviews!

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Verified Reviews by Skeepers
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Generate trust with your customers through a secure and reliable platform
  • Increase your visibility and reputation with authentic and verified reviews
  • Help improve the customer experience by providing a simple and intuitive system for collecting reviews over time
  • Maximize your conversion rate by posting positive reviews on your website
  • Easily identify opportunities for improvement through review moderation


Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS is a convenient and effective solution to help you promote your brand and improve your online image. As soon as your customers complete their transaction, Verified Reviews invites them to share their review on your online store. With intuitive and easy-to-use tools, you can set up the system quickly and easily. With Verified Reviews, you can collect authentic reviews from your customers that are reliable and trustworthy. They can rate their shopping experience using a scale from 1 to 5 or a single or double rating system, which gives potential buyers a clear idea about the quality of the products offered by your online store. You can personalize the invitations sent to customers via email or SMS with unique messages created by you to encourage your customers to give their opinion about your store. Once the reviews are received, they will be moderated to ensure that they comply with privacy rules and contain relevant and useful information for other potential buyers. The validated reviews will then be published on your store so that everyone can easily access them. The more positive reviews your customers leave on your store, the more visibility and awareness your store will gain. In addition, this will allow potential buyers to make an informed decision about purchasing products from you. Verified Reviews by SKEEPERS is a great way to improve your online business reputation through genuine reviews left by your satisfied customers! So don't hesitate to integrate this powerful solution into your WiziShop store to get the best possible return on investment!

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