Trusted Shops

Gain the trust of your customers with Trusted Shops!

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Trusted Shops
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Increased customer confidence and satisfaction
  • A better online presence for your store
  • Powerful tools to manage and analyze your customer reviews
  • Quality badges and a money back guarantee that will showcase your store


You want to reassure your customers and boost your sales? With the Trusted Shops module, it's possible! Trusted Shops is a service that guarantees the security and efficiency of your online store. When you integrate this module into your site, you give your visitors an extra element of trust. This will increase their motivation to buy from you rather than elsewhere. How does it work? The Trusted Shops module is directly grafted onto your WiziShop platform to offer optimal security for every purchase made on your site. Once installed, it will provide customers with clear and precise information on the terms and conditions of their purchase. Thus, they will know exactly what to expect in case of problems encountered after their purchase (return, refund, etc.). In addition, each customer will have the opportunity to leave a review or a note on their experience of buying from you. This will allow future buyers to have a more precise idea of the quality level of the products and services offered by your company. In addition, the Trusted Shops module contains a "Protected Buyer" insurance: if ever a dispute arises between you and your customer (product non-conformity or failure to meet deadlines), this insurance will cover the costs incurred by your customer to resolve the dispute. Your customer will then get all the satisfaction needed to continue trusting your brand! Finally, thanks to the Trusted Shops system, your store will be validated by a label called "Ecommerce Trustmark" which will serve to certify that you meet European e-commerce standards and will encourage consumer commitment to your brand. The Trusted Shops module is therefore an indispensable tool to ensure the protection of personal data of Internet users and to offer an excellent shopping experience to all visitors of your e-commerce!

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