Product URLs

Customize your product URLs for better visibility!

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Product URLs
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Customization of product URLs for a better user experience
  • Improvement of the natural referencing
  • Optimal display of links on your social platforms and partners
  • Simplified access to product pages through search engines


Looking for a way to improve the user experience on your online store? Product URLs is the product for you. With this product, you can remove or add category directories to your product URLs. By default, product URLs contain the names of your categories. With Product URLs, you can remove these directories to get product URLs at the root. This feature is very easy to use and does not require any special configuration. You can choose to add or remove category directories with a few clicks, which will greatly improve the user experience on your website. The advantages of using Product URLs are multiple: - Flexibility to redesign the site structure; - Flexibility to change category products; - Flexibility to add categories and sub-categories; - Shorter URL! Be careful, if you activate this option and your site is already known by the search engines, all the URLs of your product sheets will be automatically redirected in 301. This can lead to a drop in position and traffic.

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