Control your SEO with Robots.txt

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Developed by WiziShop
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  • Optimization of the crawl budget for a better visibility on search engines
  • Control of pages not relevant to SEO
  • Improved security by limiting access to sensitive pages
  • Easy to use thanks to automatic generation and simple editing
  • Customizable add-ons to adapt configurations.


Looking to improve the visibility of your online store? The robots.txt feature is here to help you! This file is automatically generated and contains default parameters that will allow you to improve the crawl budget allocated to your website and limit the exploration of pages not relevant to SEO. The robots.txt is a very useful tool to optimize the natural referencing of your store. It will allow you to indicate to search engines which pages can or cannot be indexed. With this tool, you can prevent search engines from crawling pages such as the shopping cart, payment and customer accounts that are not necessary for indexing. Other pages such as those with duplicate content or broken links can also be excluded to improve the overall quality of your site, and therefore your SEO. The robots.txt is easily configurable: you can add or change the default settings, allowing you to completely customize the search engine crawling process on your online store. You can also include additional guidelines to improve the visibility and efficiency of your online store. For example, you can specify additional information about how often pages should be crawled or how to interpret certain files. By using robots.txt, you can maximize the time and resources spent on your store's SEO by limiting unnecessary crawling while achieving better overall quality of search engine results.

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