Link Obfuscation

Hide from robots with link obfuscation!

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Link Obfuscation
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Improved SEO performance
  • Reducing the risk of abusive indexing
  • Protection against bad robots and spam
  • Simplification of traffic management and internal networking.


Looking to hide a link from search engine spiders while keeping it available to visitors? Link obfuscation is the solution you need! Directly integrated in WiziShop, this technology allows you to hide links on your website so that search engines cannot find them. Thanks to this technology, you can easily optimize and reinforce the internal linkage of your website. Links to other pages, as well as to articles or products, are invisible to search engine bots, but they remain visible to users. Link obfuscation is very easy to use. In addition, link obfuscation also protects your site from automated attacks because it prevents malicious bots from accessing sensitive pages. Thus, your private data and information are well protected and inaccessible to those who would seek to access them illegally. Finally, thanks to this innovative technology, you can improve the natural referencing of your website and obtain a better ranking in the search engine results. Your SEO ranking will then be higher and your traffic will increase considerably. So don't hesitate to take advantage of the benefits offered by link obfuscation to improve your SEO and ensure excellent protection for your sensitive data! Please note that this tool is only for people with advanced SEO knowledge. Changing these settings in the wrong way can have a negative impact on the SEO of your store. All in all, link obfuscation is a powerful tool that can significantly improve your SEO while protecting your site from malicious attacks.

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