Attribute ALT images

Configure your SEO with Attribute ALT images!

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Attribute ALT images
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  • Improve your visibility on search engines
  • Increase conversion rate with well-referenced images
  • Take advantage of an intuitive solution to increase your natural referencing.


Do you want to ensure that your online store is well-referenced? With Attribute ALT Images, you can easily and quickly configure the ALT attributes of images on your web pages. This solution is designed to optimize the referencing of your products and services. With Attribute ALT images, you improve the visibility of keywords associated with the image in search engines. As a result, your products are more likely to be found by potential customers searching the Internet. Your brand becomes more visible and your company benefits from a better image. Our ALT Images Attribute feature is very easy to use: just upload the images to your website and fill in the "Image Name" field for each image. Moreover, our feature works with all modern web browsers and requires no additional installation. The configuration can be done directly from your website without the need to modify the HTML or CSS code. Attribute ALT Images is ideal for improving SEO and increasing the visibility of products on your online store! Say goodbye to the long hours spent configuring image Alt attributes manually and enjoy the time saved with this powerful tool!

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