Product Category Pagination

Organize your categories with Product Category Pagination!

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Product Category Pagination
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Improve customer navigation on your online store
  • Optimize page load time
  • Facilitate the search and sorting of specific products
  • Enable customers to quickly access more remote products


Want to provide a better shopping experience for your customers? Then try the Product Category Pagination feature! This tool will allow you to define the number of products displayed on the categories and subcategories of your website. This will help you improve navigation and reduce page load. You will benefit from greater flexibility and better performance. You will be able to adjust the number of products displayed according to the specific needs of your online store. For example, if you want to highlight certain products, you can increase their visibility by limiting the total number of products displayed on a page. This way, your site will be clearer and better organized. With the Product Category Pagination, save time and improve the operational efficiency of your web pages. Enter a number between 5 and 100 to define the maximum number of products that will be displayed on each category or sub-category. You can also choose a default number that will apply to all categories or customize the settings for each category or sub-category individually. The Product Category Pagination plugin is easy to configure and can be quickly installed on your existing website without any technical problems. With this tool, your customers will quickly find what they are looking for with a clear and logical presentation of the products available on your website. Try this feature now to create a better user experience on your online store!

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