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Blog Pagination
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  • Improve the user experience by providing a smooth and intuitive navigation on your blog
  • Create a clear and easy to understand structure for readers
  • Provide precise control over the number of items that will be displayed per page
  • Allow visitors to navigate more quickly between blog pages
  • Maximize the reach of articles by increasing their visibility


Welcome to Blog Pagination! With this feature, you can easily define the number of articles that will be displayed, per page, on your blog. This number is by default 10. You will be able to customize the interface of your blog and make the navigation more fluid for your visitors. You can define a number of articles between 1 and 50 and choose which type of content will be displayed on each page. This means that your visitors can more quickly view the articles that interest them without having to navigate through a long list of posts. In addition, using optimized web page formatting allows your site to display information faster and with better presentation. Pages are formatted correctly for the type of content being displayed and are not loaded with unnecessary elements that slow down loading time. Finally, with this tool, you can easily change the number of items displayed on each page according to your needs. You can increase or decrease the number of articles per page at any time, allowing for a more personalized experience for your visitors. With Blog Pagination, you gain in efficiency and productivity. Posting time is dramatically reduced for a fast and smooth navigation of your blog. Try it now and see an instant improvement!

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