Accelerate your mobile site with AMP!

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  • A better referencing on search engines
  • Optimized navigation for an exceptional user experience
  • Better conversion of visitors into customers
  • Simplified management of performance and technical problems


You must surely remember the long seconds or even minutes you had to wait to load a page on your phone. With AMP, this time is reduced to a few seconds, providing a smooth and enjoyable user experience. AMP allows web pages to load instantly on mobile devices through different, optimized HTML code. This technology eliminates elements that slow down loading, such as unnecessary JavaScript or bulky CSS. This makes content more accessible, allowing mobile users to navigate your website faster and easier. By adding AMP functionality to your online store, you can dramatically improve the loading time of your product pages, product categories and blog. This means less cart abandonment when customers are impatient, as well as increased traffic and conversions. The AMP feature is also beneficial for SEO. Indeed, it helps to improve the speed of loading your pages, reduces the latency between the interaction and the full viewing of the page by a mobile user. Google recognizes this benefit and favors AMP sites in its mobile search results so that your products are visible to more people. You can enable this feature directly from your dashboard. No further installation is required. Once activated, it will be applied to each of your pages to provide a seamless experience to your visitors via their smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the AMP format, your online store will benefit from an almost instantaneous loading time on mobile while improving visibility with Internet users!

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