Pixel Facebook

With Pixel Facebook, create your Facebook store in a flash!

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Pixel Facebook
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Improve the reach of your ads and target the right customer
  • Maximize ROI with more effective advertising campaigns
  • Optimize your presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • Speed up the buying process by creating a personalized experience for your customers
  • Increase your traffic and engagement with your customers


Facebook Pixel is a powerful tool that allows online merchants to improve their SEO and get the most out of Facebook advertising campaigns. With the Facebook Pixel installed, your store will be able to target the right people and reach a larger, more engaged audience for greater visibility. By installing Facebook Pixel, you can enjoy many benefits such as the ability to create targeted ad campaigns based on your customers' specific interests and demographics. You can also track and analyze consumer behavior on your website to better understand their needs and preferences. Facebook Pixel also allows you to use the advanced advertising tools provided by Facebook, including dynamic ads, to create customizable ads that are targeted to users who have visited your online store. These ads can be designed to encourage customers to buy or return to your website. Thanks to Pixel Facebook, you will also have access to automatic product catalog export directly from your WiziShop account. Thus, all your product information will be easily exported to Facebook Ads Manager in just a few clicks without having to manually enter each product individually. This feature is very useful if you want to set up advertising campaigns based on the products available on your online store. Finally, Pixel Facebook also provides a detailed analysis of traffic coming from external channels such as Google or Bing, which allows merchants to have a better understanding of the overall performance of their ad campaigns. You'll know exactly which campaigns are working and which ones aren't so you can optimize your marketing budget. With Pixel Facebook, save time thanks to the ease of installation and enjoy the many benefits offered by this powerful advertising tool!

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