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Google Remarketing
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  • Increase your reach and brand visibility with remarketing
  • Target customers who have already shown an interest in your products or services
  • Tailor your advertising messages to your target audience
  • Optimize the ROI of your advertising campaigns
  • Benefit from a dedicated technical support to launch and manage your campaigns


Having trouble finding new customers? Think about Google Remarketing! With Google Remarketing, you can reach potential customers who have already visited your website and encourage them to come back by displaying targeted ads. It's easy to activate the Remarketing tracking script on WiziShop and it's one of the best ways for e-tailers to promote their products. Google Remarketing allows you to reach a larger and more engaged audience. You will be able to reach customers who are already interested in your brand or product, which greatly increases your chances of conversion. With remarketing, you can customize ads based on the pages users have visited on your site, allowing you to display more relevant content for each target group. By activating the Remarketing tracking script on WiziShop, you'll take full advantage of the benefits offered by Google Ads and can start building a lasting relationship with your current and potential customers. Once activated, the script will collect data on website visitors so you can create specific lists and automatically display ads to the right prospects. The process is simple: all you have to do is activate the Remarketing tracking script on WiziShop and then configure the settings to tailor the campaign to your business. Once everything is configured, Google Ads will immediately start delivering targeted ads automatically to users who match the specified criteria. This means that your ads are consistently displayed to the right people at the right time. With Google Remarketing, promoting your online store has never been easier! Take a few minutes to activate the Remarketing tracking script on WiziShop and quickly start enjoying the benefits it offers: effectively retargeting website visitors, bringing more qualified buyers to your store and generating a significant return on investment through targeted advertising campaigns

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