Single product, for an optimal conversion!

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Developed by WiziShop
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  • An exclusive and personalized presentation of your product
  • Intuitive and stimulating navigation for your customers
  • Build visibility and engagement around your brand
  • Increase conversion rate and sales with consistent branding


If you are looking for an innovative solution to boost your conversion rate and increase your sales, the "Monoproduct" feature is for you! This application allows you to create fully customizable online stores around a single product. With Monoproduct, you can easily create a fully customized online store optimized for your product, with intuitive tools and powerful features. For example, you can: - Add images, text and videos to showcase your product - Configure available options and sizes - Customize your store design - Enable secure payments - Define an efficient delivery system - Track sales with detailed reports - And much more! "Monoproduct" is designed to allow you to get the best results without having to master coding or hire a developer. Single Product is perfect for small businesses that want to showcase a single product and get the best results with a fully customizable store. With its intuitive tools and powerful features, you are sure to get the best results without having to worry about technical complexity.

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