Cross Selling

Grow your Sales with Cross Selling!

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Cross Selling
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Significant increase in sales
  • Development of the notoriety and the turnover
  • Possibility to highlight complementary products
  • Better knowledge and understanding of customers


Are you looking to easily increase your sales by offering complementary products to your customers? Cross-selling is for you! Instead of having to suggest complementary products to each product file, our platform allows you to configure and activate them with a single click. We offer 3 different types of links between products: the normal link, the reverse link and the reciprocal link. The normal link is simple and effective: on your main product page, you add the items that will be suggested for sale. This option can be useful to highlight accessories or additional products that can be used with the main product. The reverse is just as convenient: it is the opposite of the normal link. You choose several products and the product you are creating will be highlighted on their respective pages. This option is perfect for promoting a template that can be used with several other items. Finally, reciprocal linking is very simple to understand: it works both ways! For example a T-shirt and shorts of the same color. On the T-Shirt page, the shorts will be proposed and conversely, on the shorts page, the T-shirt will be highlighted. Cross-selling is a clever solution to easily increase your sales! Thanks to it, offer an optimal shopping experience to your customers while increasing your turnover!

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