Logs analysis

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Logs analysis
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Improve the visibility of your online store
  • Get accurate information on the crawl of your site by Google bots
  • Optimize natural and paid referencing
  • Identify weaknesses and develop an optimized strategy
  • Save time and get fast results


You want to understand how your online store works and improve its visibility? You are looking for a solution to analyze the logs of your website? Our partner Seolyzer is here to help you! Thanks to its log analysis tool, you can get valuable information about the behavior of Google bots on your website. You can better understand their path and better target your audience according to the keywords used. You can also track the indexing and ranking of your pages to improve your visibility and increase your traffic. But that's not all! Log analysis also allows you to get detailed information about the SEO performance of your website. You can identify the pages that need to be optimized to improve your natural referencing. Finally, Seolyzer's log analysis tool is very easy to use and does not require any in-depth technical knowledge. Don't wait any longer to discover all the features offered by Seolyzer and improve the performance of your online store!

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