301 Monitor

301 Monitor: A better redirection for your SEO!

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301 Monitor
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Meet the requirements of search engines and improve the visibility of websites
  • Ensure smooth navigation and an optimal user experience
  • Significantly reduce page bounce rate
  • Provide additional protection against broken links and 404 errors


Looking for a simple and efficient way to manage your 301 redirects? Look no further! WiziShop's 301 Monitor is the feature you need. Our 301 Monitor allows you to set up permanent redirects easily with a very intuitive redirect management system. This feature is ideal for developers, webmasters and marketers who want to improve their SEO and direct visitors to the right place. Our 301 Monitor constantly monitors your website to ensure that all old URLs are redirected correctly to their new destination. If an old URL arrives on your site, our 301 Monitor will automatically redirect it to the right destination to improve your SEO. Your users will always be directed to the right page or content. Our 301 Monitor is also easy to set up and maintain thanks to its intuitive interface. You can quickly manage all your redirects from one centralized dashboard. You can create direct links between your old URLs and new destinations, make global redirects on your entire website for more efficiency. With our 301 Monitor, easily manage all your permanent redirects to improve your SEO and direct your visitors to the right page. Don't let redirection errors harm your website anymore, opt now for the 301 Monitor feature for an optimal user experience!

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