Google Search Console

Optimize your natural referencing with Google Search Console!

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Google Search Console
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Monitor the status of indexing and search engine crawls
  • Get valuable information to optimize site visibility
  • Analyze search and display performance
  • Receive useful alerts on potential problems and find quick solutions
  • Evaluate the impact of content updates on SEO


You want to get the best natural referencing possible for your e-commerce site? Google Search Console is the right tool for you. This free tool from Google will help you improve your site's visibility and ranking in search engine results. With Google Search Console, you can easily analyze and measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. You'll be able to get information on which keywords are working best, know the sources of traffic to your site, track page performance and understand how Google is indexing your content. In addition, you'll have access to real-time alerts about SEO and possible errors on your site. Installing the service on WiziShop is very simple: just go to the "Tags and external services" section of your online store and select "Google Search Console". Once installed, it will automatically connect to your Google account so that you can take full advantage of the benefits offered by this free tool. Your store will benefit greatly from the service offered by Google Search Console: you will be able to easily monitor the positioning of your store in search results, optimize the quality of your content and quickly find solutions to technical problems that may affect natural referencing. Moreover, thanks to the information provided by this service, you will be able to perform an in-depth and detailed analysis to make more informed strategic decisions to improve the overall positioning of your online store. With this powerful and intuitive SEO manager, offered free of charge by Google, your e-commerce sites will benefit from a better visibility on the Internet thanks to an optimal natural referencing. So don't wait any longer and install Google Search Console on WiziShop now!

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