Inventory Management

Control your inventory management!

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Inventory Management
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Acceleration of sales processes
  • Guarantee of up-to-date and reliable stock availability
  • Provide an optimal customer experience
  • Ability to track stock and movements on your online store
  • Facilitate replenishment and inventory control


Inventory management is a feature of our system that allows you to always be informed about the number and status of each product you sell. With this feature, you can easily determine which products are in stock and which are out of stock. You can now define from which stock quantity your product should be displayed on your online store. This feature is ideal to avoid customer disappointment when they discover that the product they want to order is out of stock. In addition, if a customer wants to order more than you have in stock, you can choose to display a message to warn them of the shortage. This can help reduce order cancellations and improve customer satisfaction by informing them immediately of your stock availability. Inventory management is a must-have feature for companies with large inventories. It provides a clear and accurate view of inventory status and allows you to respond quickly to customer orders. Thanks to this functionality, customers can also be informed automatically when a product is available again. Inventory management allows companies to easily adapt to product returns, so that only available products are displayed on their site. Opt for efficient inventory management and offer a quality experience to your customers!

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