Internal Search Statistics

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Internal Search Statistics
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  • Understand the interests and needs of consumers
  • Identify effective keywords and phrases to improve SEO
  • Monitor search trends and adapt marketing strategy accordingly


You want to know the search habits of your visitors on your website and improve your user experience? Then our internal search engine statistics tool is the perfect solution for you! Our solution analyzes in real time the queries made by your visitors in the internal search bar of your website. Thanks to this advanced feature, you can quickly identify the topics or products that interest your customers the most and thus improve your digital strategy. Our detailed statistics provide you with an overview of the terms most used by your customers and the associated results. This data is updated in real time, allowing you to stay on top of the latest market trends and proactively respond to your customers' needs. Our tool is easy to use. With our detailed results, you can quickly and efficiently analyze your visitors' use of the internal search engine and find ways to improve your digital strategy. Discover all the potential hidden behind the navigation of your online store. Opt now for our internal search engine statistics tool and offer your customers an exceptional user experience!

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