BigBuy : Import products from the BigBuy catalog into your store!

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Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Access to a varied catalog of products and recognized brands
  • Short and reliable delivery times in Europe
  • A Chrome extension to easily import products into your store
  • Order automation and inventory synchronization
  • Possibility to adjust the price of the products to your convenience


BigBuy is a European supplier that gives you access to a large catalog of various products. You will have access to products such as: home/garden, kitchen/gourmet, sex shop/erotica, sports/leisure, health/beauty, perfume/cosmetics, fashion/accessories, toys/dress-up and computers/electronics. BigBuy is one of the few providers that has the necessary licenses to allow you to sell branded products on your store. So you can offer the items in their catalog to your online store customers. However, BigBuy is a paying provider: you will have to subscribe to a monthly fee to be able to use their services. The E-Commerce package is the most adapted to meet the needs of e-traders. The delivery times are generally fast: 48 and 72 hours only for those located in Europe. You can import products from BigBuy's catalog thanks to the Chrome Dropizi extension that facilitates one-click importing and allows stock synchronization and order automation. Finally, BigBuy is an excellent solution for e-merchants because it offers a wide selection of products with licenses to sell branded items and fast delivery!

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