Badges on the product

The detail that makes all the difference!

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Badges on the product
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Advanced personalization: “Badges of the product” offers you detailed personalization and the ability to adapt your message in real time.
  • Increased visibility: Your badges will be visible in several strategic areas, maximizing their impact on your customers.
  • Mass application: Apply your badge to a whole range of products simply by using the "Other actions" menu, optimizing your efficiency.
  • Efficient customer interaction: Badges let you communicate visibly and relevantly with your customers.
  • Optimization of sales strategies: “Badges of the product” support your sales campaigns, making them more effective.


“Badges on the product” is a tool that lets you interact with your customers in an effective and visible way. The badge is deployed in just a few clicks, thanks to an intuitive interface. You can define the message of your choice, choose an attractive color to make it stand out, and select the products on which you want the badge to appear. This flexibility allows you to customize your sales campaigns according to your needs, and adjust your messages in real time. Once created, your personalized badge is ready to use. You can apply it en masse to all the products of your choice simply by using the "Other actions" menu in your product list. This feature saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to assign individual badges to each product. What's more, the personalized badge is dynamic, and is displayed in a number of strategic locations for greater visibility. It's visible in the product list (categories, search, home), in the product sheet and even in the predictive search. By optimizing the visibility of your messages, you're guaranteed to reach the maximum number of customers.

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