AI-Product description rewriting

Unique product sheets in an instant

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AI-Product description rewriting
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Unique and relevant content in a few clicks.
  • SEO optimization to improve your visibility.
  • Eye-catching product sheets to increase your sales.


Looking for an innovative solution to improve the quality of your product sheets? Discover IA - Writing from an existing product sheet from WiziShop! With this solution, you can now easily and quickly generate new and unique product sheets for your online store. The way it works is simple: you submit an existing product sheet to the WiziShop AI, which analyzes its textual content. Based on this analysis, the AI will generate two new unique product sheets. The first version will focus on SEO optimization, i.e. it will be optimized for search engines to improve the visibility of your online store. The second version will be more copywritten, i.e. it will be written in a catchy and convincing style to encourage your customers to buy. It's up to you to choose the version you prefer, and add it to the long description of your product page.

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