We Love Customers

With We Love Customers, Simplify your Loyalty Program!

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We Love Customers
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Optimize sales and increase conversion rates through personalized loyalty programs
  • Access valuable customer behavior data to better target your promotions
  • Creating unique and consistent customer experiences across all channels
  • Opportunities to reward good customers in a timely and accurate manner
  • Personalize email marketing for better customer engagement


You've just found the right solution for your business! We Love Customers is the best tool to easily and efficiently manage your transactional and/or relational loyalty program. Thanks to this connector, you can integrate in a few clicks these functionalities to your Wizishop store. We Love Customers allows a complete management of customer missions and customer content creation. You will have access to several types of rewards such as loyalty points, vouchers, gift cards or unique promotional codes. In addition, your customers can also share their purchases on social networks to get a special bonus or extra discount. With We Love Customers, your business will have a significant competitive advantage. Your customers will be delighted to be rewarded for their purchases and they will want to come back to your Wizishop store to take advantage of the exclusive offers you will propose. This system will also improve customer engagement and increase the visibility and notoriety of your company on the web. With We Love Customers, you will quickly get reliable results thanks to a complete service to facilitate the integration of the loyalty program in your Wizishop store. You won't need to make complex or difficult configurations: just click, configure and test! With We Love Customers, save time while giving your customers a rich and satisfying experience when they shop with you.

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