Affilinet, the easy way to your online success.

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Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Attractive and fair commissions for affiliates
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Powerful marketing tools to maximize the advertiser's visibility
  • Dedicated customer support for each advertiser
  • A platform that can be easily integrated with the main CMS


You want to develop your online business and increase your revenues? Affilinet is the right tool for you! With Affilinet, you can easily find reliable affiliates who will promote your product or service and help you generate sales. How does it work? Affilinet is an affiliate program integrated to Wizishop, which means that you can configure it quickly and easily. Once installed, it creates an affiliate program management platform where you can recruit and manage affiliates. You can also track the performance of each affiliate with real-time reports. Once your affiliates are recruited, they can promote your product or service through their websites, blogs, emails and even on social networks. Every sale they generate will result in a commission for the affiliate and revenue for you! With Affilinet, you also get full support throughout the process. You will receive personalized and competent support for all issues related to technical configurations and business operations such as commission pricing and affiliate recruitment. Affilinet is the ideal solution if you want to develop your online business using a simple and profitable method! It is easy to implement, affordable and allows you to generate additional income through affiliate marketing!

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