Viva Wallet Smart Checkout: For higher conversion rates!

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Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Secure and reliable payments
  • Low cost and convenient
  • Acceptance of international payments
  • Intuitive mobile payment
  • Simple transaction management


VivaWallet is a powerful, intuitive and innovative payment platform designed for businesses and their customers. You can easily integrate this payment system into your e-commerce site or mobile application so that your customers can pay online quickly and securely. You will benefit from the following features: - 24/7 customer service with customizable technical support - Higher conversion rates thanks to the system's constant updating and ability to remember customer preferences - A payment page designed specifically for your business and your customers - Ability to accept major debit and credit cards, local payment methods and popular e-commerce processors - Comprehensive solutions to ensure consumer data security. With Viva Wallet, you'll be able to provide a smoother overall experience for users, as they won't need to enter their information every time they make a purchase. Finally, the system is easy to set up so you can start accepting online payments effortlessly.

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