PayPlug: easy and secure payment, wherever you need it!

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Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Maximum transaction security
  • Payments accepted by credit card online and offline
  • Competitive pricing adapted to your company's needs
  • Reactive customer service and listening to you
  • Immediate receipt of payments into your bank account


You wish to facilitate your transactions and your collections? PayPlug is for you! This innovative solution is the first French omnichannel payment platform. It adapts to all contexts and allows you to meet your customers' requirements. You will never have to worry about payments again, whatever their form: bank card, Paypal, Apple Pay or gift card. PayPlug offers a multitude of advantages. First of all, it is secure and perfectly protects all the personal and banking information of the users. Moreover, the rates are very attractive: depending on your volume of transactions, you pay between 0% and 1.75% of the total amount of the credit card payments. The fixed fees are also very advantageous: they do not exceed 3€ per month for the professional account or 9€ for the Premium account. Then, the integration of PayPlug is simple and fast: it is done in a few minutes on your WiziShop website. Once connected to the platform, you can follow in real time the status of all orders placed on your online store and benefit from an efficient customer service that takes care of all your requests 24/7. You also have the possibility to make offline payments thanks to payment links sent by email or SMS. These links can be shared on social networks so that your customers can make their purchases directly from Facebook or Twitter without going through your WiziShop website! Your transactions will then be guaranteed by the anti-fraud protection integrated to the PayPlug platform. Finally, if you need additional support to set up your PayPlug solution on WiziShop, our team of experts is at your disposal! With our expert advice, we will find the right configuration to optimize your omnichannel payment process. So take advantage of the benefits offered by PayPlug to make your business even easier!

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