Tax Management

Tax Management : Manage your taxes with ease and transparency!

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Tax Management
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Quick and easy configuration of tax rates
  • Precise display of the price including and/or excluding VAT for each item
  • Customization of the \"eco-participation\" option according to the products
  • No surprises at the time of payment for the customer


It is very easy to use the Tax Management feature on WiziShop. The option allows you to easily manage the taxes applicable to all your products. It offers you the possibility to display the price including tax and/or the price excluding tax for each of your products. You can easily create a list of applicable rates for your products and activate or deactivate the "eco-tax" option for each product individually. You no longer need to manually check the applicable taxes for each order and constantly update your online store, because your Tax Management tool takes care of all that for you. With this option, your customers won't be surprised by unexpected amounts at checkout. The price displayed on your site will always be in line with the real and transparent rates.

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