Free Script

Free Script: Simplify your store!

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Free Script
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Advanced customization of your online store
  • Ability to create custom features for your website
  • Better compatibility with web browsers and operating systems


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add free scripts to your online store? Free Script is the ideal solution for you. With this module, you can easily and quickly add free scripts to your online store. The advantages of Free Script are numerous: First, you will have more flexibility and control. You will be able to customize your website, offer a better customer experience and contribute to your business success thanks to the free scripts added to Free Script. In addition, you will be able to add additional features. Secondly, Free Script is very easy to use. Just download the script you want to add, copy/paste it into the module and you're done! This means that you don't need to be a coding expert to use Free Script and get all the benefits it offers. Thirdly, Free Script can be used for free. So there is no need to pay to enjoy all the features offered by this product. Moreover, there is an active community of developers who constantly share their work so that you can always find the scripts you need without having to create them yourself. In addition, there are tutorials available that explain how to install and configure Free Script correctly on your online store so that everything works properly. In short, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to add free scripts to your online store then look no further than Free Script! Thanks to its many useful features and ease of use, this product is definitely a great choice to quickly improve your website and increase its business potential!

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