Stripe Giropay

Pay safely with Giropay and Stripe

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Stripe Giropay
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Easy and secure payment for German customers
  • Two-factor authentication for maximum security
  • Full/partial refund possible up to 180 days after payment
  • Quick and easy integration via Stripe on WiziShop
  • Affordable transaction fees with 0,85€ per transaction


Giropay is a payment method offered by the WiziShop e-commerce solution for German customers wishing to buy from your online store. It represents 10% of online transactions in Germany. It allows customers of German cooperative banks and savings banks to make online transactions via their bank. The funds for the order are then debited directly to their personal bank account. Giropay redirects each customer to their site to authenticate the payment and then immediately sends a notification (successful/failed payment). On the security side, customers have to confirm the payment with Giropay and its two-factor authentication or via a PIN code. Features : - Customer location: Germany - Default currency: EUR - Payment confirmation: authenticated by the customer - Payment methods: authenticated direct debit - Recurring payment: no - Full/Partial Refund: yes Please note: Giropay payments are refundable up to 180 days after the original payment. Integration: - Giropay is integrated via Stripe on our e-commerce solution WiziShop. To add it to your online store, go to your WiziShop administration space. Transaction fees: for each payment via Giropay, Stripe applies a fee of 0,85 €/transaction.

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