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StatShop: Discover the data that will lead you to success!

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Stat Shop
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Improve the visibility and effectiveness of marketing operations
  • Automation of data collection and analysis processes
  • Optimize the ROI of advertising campaigns
  • Quickly detect opportunities to increase sales
  • Get a consolidated view of the performance of the different marketing channels


Are you looking for a simple and efficient solution to optimize your marketing operations? StatShop is there for you! With StatShop, you can collect all relevant data about your business and analyze them in real time to better understand their impact on your sales. StatShop offers you a global vision of your store: allocated budgets, advertising campaigns profitability, products performances or customers data evolution. You will be able to make better strategic decisions based on accurate information. With just a few clicks, StatShop gives you access to a fully customizable dashboard that gathers all the information you need to efficiently manage your business. You will be informed in real time of price fluctuations, number of sales and volume of activity by channel. Thanks to the intuitive tools provided by StatShop, it is very easy to track the effectiveness of each advertising campaign as well as its influence on sales and conversion rates. Moreover, if you encounter any difficulties or need help in creating a new dashboard or understanding certain features, our professional customer service is always available to answer all your questions. Finally, StatShop is fully compatible with WiziShop. Our goal is for our users to enjoy the full benefits of StatShop without having to worry about the technical process! With StatShop, sales management has never been so easy! Don't hesitate to try our tool for free and discover how to quickly improve your business!

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