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Build customer loyalty with promo codes!

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Promo Codes
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Promotional codes to increase the conversion rate of your store in a flash
  • Flexible configuration to fit your needs and products
  • A complete range of promotions (discount on the basket, free delivery, etc.)
  • An automatic code generation system to save time
  • The ability to provide the promo code link directly to your customers


Do you need a quick and easy way to increase the conversion rate of your online store? Promo codes are the solution you need! With promo codes, you can offer your customers discounts or free shipping on their orders. You can even create families of codes to offer several different types of promotions. Want to create a promo code? Go to the Marketing > Manage your promo codes section of your WiziShop/Dropizi administration, then Create a promo code. The creation tool contains 3 sections that will allow you to adjust each parameter of your promo code: its main information, the configuration of your code, and its common options. You will set the internal name (Name of the operation) and the name to be displayed on your store (Promo codes). In the second section, choose the type of promotion applicable with your code: a discount on the cart or free shipping. Then determine the products concerned by the promotion. Finally, configure the common options such as its validity, its minimum purchase and its validity period. Once this is done, don't forget to save your promo code at the top of the page! Promo codes are a great way to increase sales on your online store! Offer your customers discounts or free shipping directly through their shopping cart with promo codes!

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