Loyalty Program

Reward your customers with the loyalty program

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Loyalty Program
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Stimulate customer loyalty
  • Offer customized benefits to each customer segment
  • Remain competitive by offering discounts and advantageous rates
  • Increase sales through incentives and promotions
  • Create a long-lasting relationship of trust between the e-merchant and his customers


With the loyalty program, you offer your customers loyalty points and various discounts and benefits. This powerful feature offers you the possibility to define the conditions and benefits according to your convenience. First of all, you have the choice to define whether or not a new customer earns loyalty points on their first order. You can also create multiple tiers to give different benefits depending on the amount of the cart. Next, you will be able to apply business rules on up to 3 customer segments and give them priority. You will also determine if the customers belonging to a segment earn loyalty points or not. Moreover, you will be able to specify if the benefit applies or not in addition to a promotional code. Finally, it is possible to create several brackets to define the benefits according to the amount of the basket. For example: 5€ discount from 50€ of purchase and 10% + free shipping above 150€ of purchase! Thanks to the loyalty program, your company will be able to offer its customers a personalized and optimal experience that will promote satisfaction and loyalty!

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