Pay safely with Paybox and WiziShop

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Developed by WiziShop
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  • Freedom to choose your bank
  • Compatible with all statuses
  • Customizable to fit perfectly with your e-commerce store
  • Optimal security and anti-fraud devices
  • International solution: 8 languages and 52 currencies available
  • Various payment methods and payment in X2 or X3
  • Intuitive and complete back office


Paybox is now a partner of WiziShop e-commerce solution. Discover this new payment method and its advantages in the lines below. Characteristics and technical details : - Freedom: you can choose your own bank, because Paybox works with all of them. Moreover, if you decide to change banks at any time, you will not be charged any fees. - Status: Paybox works with all statuses, whether you are a micro-entrepreneur, an association or you already have your own company. - Customization: the payment page is customizable to fit perfectly into the payment tunnel of your WiziShop online store. Moreover, everything is optimized in UX to suit different screen types: smartphone, laptop and tablet. - Security: activate the 3D Secure on your online store, as well as the various anti-fraud devices. - International: no less than 8 languages and 52 currencies are available on Paybox! - Payment methods: all types of cards are accepted (debit and credit), Paypal accounts etc. You can also offer the payment option in X2 or X3. - Back office: with the Paybox interface, you can consult all your statistics (payments, refunds, etc.) in real time. To discover all the features of Paybox, do not hesitate to contact their customer service. How to install Paybox Hmac on your online store? The payment method is already integrated on your WiziShop e-commerce solution. To install it, nothing could be easier! Go to your administration space and activate it in a few clicks.

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