Give the perfect gift with Ookoodoo!

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Developed by WiziShop
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  • Maximize sales by sharing your products on social networks
  • Increase in the number of customers through an innovative and easy-to-use system
  • Accessibility to Internet users around the world to discover your products
  • Simplicity of the process of adding products to Ookoodoo with a single integration
  • Ability to customize gift lists for the ultimate shopping experience


Looking to increase your visibility and create a community around your products? With Ookoodoo, you can give Internet users the opportunity to add your products to their wish list. This service offers a complete and flexible solution that adapts to every type of online store. Ookoodoo is a simple and effective tool for e-merchants who want to improve their sales. With this service, consumers can add products to their gift list and share this list with their friends and family. Your customers will be able to easily choose the product they want to buy or ask their friends for suggestions. The benefits for your site are numerous: not only does Ookoodoo allow users to increase the visibility of your brand, but they will also be able to easily share your catalog with their family and friends, thus greatly increasing the possibility that your products will be purchased. The service is very intuitive: users can simply add the products they want to their personal list and then, in a second step, share this list via specific links or by email. In addition, users can also track the status of orders received so they are always informed about the progress of the gifts they have received or sent. To benefit from the Ookoodoo service, all you have to do is activate the module on your WiziShop account so that your customers can start creating or sharing their gift lists directly from home! You will then see a significant increase in traffic and sales thanks to the recommendations made by users. Don't delay and start using Ookoodoo now to boost your business!

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