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  • Increase your visibility and online presence
  • Create a network of loyal customers
  • Increase traffic and conversions on your website
  • Make your products known to a large audience
  • Benefit from personalized support


Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to promote your products online? Kelkoo's Webmarchand shopping guide is for you! With Webmarchand, you can easily send your products to online buyers, without having to manage complicated websites or payment systems. Webmarchand offers a complete service that saves you time and increases your reach. We provide an intuitive platform to create customizable ads and product pages that are optimized for search engines and social networks. In addition, we manage the payment process and ensure product delivery to satisfied customers. With our intuitive tool, you can create a specially designed page for each product you want to sell. Your page will include information on price, technical specifications, images and detailed descriptions. Pages can also include links to your website or blog so buyers can learn more about your company and its products before making a purchase. In addition to offering a complete platform for publishing optimized ads and product pages, we also take care of the entire checkout process so your customers can make a secure purchase. Finally, we also take care of the logistical process to deliver the purchased products to satisfied customers. Once the customer has made their purchase, we will arrange free delivery to their door!

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