Multilingual: Speak 7 languages with WiziShop!

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Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Opening to an international market
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Effective multilingual communication
  • Ease of navigation for international customers
  • Improvement of international reputation


You have an online store and you want to give your business a boost? Do you want your products to be accessible worldwide? With the "Multilingual" feature, increase your possibilities and make your store available in 7 different languages: French, Spanish, English, Italian, Dutch, German and Portuguese. Thanks to this feature, you multiply the opportunities to reach new customers. Your store is available in every language you want. Visitors can easily navigate through your site by choosing the language they prefer. You also benefit from a higher conversion rate since users will feel more comfortable and will understand more quickly what you offer thanks to the translations that you can directly do thanks to our AI. In addition, search engines will index your site more easily and improve its ranking. Thus, you will gain visibility and get a better reputation on the web. The "Multilingual" feature is the essential tool for the expansion of your online store! Offer a unique experience to all your customers by allowing them to browse in their own language, without any difficulty!

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