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  • Accelerate the visibility of your products
  • Increased sales and revenues
  • Creating a robust and reliable digital presence
  • Optimization of marketing and advertising efforts
  • Provision of personalized customer service


Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your products on the market? Kelkoo's Guide is the tool you need. The Guide is a platform that allows you to easily send your products to qualified buyers around the world. With The Guide, your company will benefit from additional visibility and will be able to maximize its sales thanks to a large international network. The Guide offers a variety of options for promoting your business. You can choose from several distribution channels, such as search engines, websites and mobile applications. In addition, The Guide provides quality customer service to ensure that your product is presented to potential customers in the most attractive way possible. When you use The Guide, you'll have access to a wealth of information about each product you submit. The data includes detailed information about the price, availability and quality of the product. This means you can be sure that your product will be properly displayed to potential customers and that it will be ready to be sold. The Guide is a module already integrated in WiziShop and allows you to generate more traffic to your online store. By using this intuitive system, you will be able to track and analyze consumer behavior in order to take advantage of current trends and maximize the profits generated by each sale made through LeGuide. Thanks to Kelkoo Group's advanced order management system, all transactions made via LeGuide are protected against any form of fraudulent or inappropriate use. In addition, each transaction is processed very quickly so that your customers can immediately benefit from the service offered by Kelkoo Group and obtain their products quickly and without hassle. With its intuitive ease of use and excellent customer service, LeGuide is an ideal platform to effectively promote your business on the global market!

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