LCL (Sherlock’s V2)

With LCL and Sherlock's, your transactions are completely secure

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LCL (Sherlock’s V2)
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Fast and secure payment
  • Wide choice of payment methods
  • Possibility of making payments in installments
  • Deferred debits according to the customer's needs
  • Simple and integrated installation on WiziShop


As a Crédit Lyonnais customer, your bank gives you access to Sherlock's payment method to allow your customers to make transactions on your online store in complete security. What are the features of Sherlock's : - Supported payment methods: CB, Visa, Mastercard, Paylib, etc. - Multi-installment payment available - 2 or 3 times - Deferred debits: same day / after x days (from 1 to 10 days) How to add **Sherlock's to your online store? Sherlock's is natively integrated in WiziShop, so it is very easy to install on your store. To begin, it is essential that you contact your LCL bank advisor in order to sign a DSs contract. Then, you just have to go to your WiziShop administration space in the Payments tab and add your new payment method.

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