Hipay Fullservice

Hipay Fullservice: Easy, Fast and Secure!

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Hipay Fullservice
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • No installation or subscription fees required
  • Advantageous sliding scale rates up to 0.9% + 0.25€ / transaction
  • Acceptance of payments from over 100 countries
  • Integrated tools to ensure payment security and fight fraud
  • 3D secure activation/deactivation option and integrated anti-fraud module
  • Multi-currency for efficient international trade


With Hipay, you get a complete and secure payment solution for your online store. It is a Fullservice that includes additional features to fight against fraud and guarantee the reliability of transactions. With this solution, you can accept payments from over 100 different countries. In addition, Hipay offers a customizable payment page so that you can adapt your page to your website's colors and graphic design in just a few clicks. The rates offered by Hipay are very advantageous with sliding scale rates up to 0.9% + 0.25€ / transaction. And even if this service is available without any subscription or installation fees, it remains very easy to set up thanks to its native integration on WiziShop. You will benefit from many features such as the integrated module to fight against fraud or the activation/deactivation of 3D secure. You also benefit from a multi-currency system for the international market and thus from a great flexibility for your customers. With Hipay Fullservice, you have a complete and customizable solution that meets all security requirements and allows an optimal customer experience on your online store.

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