Boost Your Sales with Franfinance Split Payments!

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Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Noticeable increase in sales through flexible payment options.
  • Payment flexibility for transactions from $100 to $4000.
  • Turnkey solution with native integration in WiziShop.
  • Peace of mind with guaranteed protection against fraud and insolvency.
  • Flexible fee structure, with costs shareable between e-merchants and customers for an optimized experience.


Empower your customers with financial flexibility through Franfinance, a leading consumer credit solution. In collaboration with WiziShop, Franfinance is changing the online shopping game by offering split payments over 3 or 4 installments via credit card. This option, suitable for purchases ranging from $100 to $4000, enables significant purchases without straining the buyer's budget. Seamless integration with WiziShop makes adopting this solution effortless, turning every transaction into a growth opportunity for e-merchants. With Franfinance, concerns over fraud and insolvency are a thing of the past: every sale is secure, backed by Franfinance's payment guarantee. Leave the technical and security details to Franfinance's expert teams, and focus on what you do best: selling.

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