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  • Increased sales through increased visibility of your products catalog
  • Connecting with influencers to promote your products
  • Customer engagement tools to generate more traffic and interactions
  • Easy interaction and connection with consumers on social networks
  • A user-friendly and intuitive platform to enhance the customer experience


Are you an e-merchant specializing in the sale of products? Are you looking to improve your online presence and give a social dimension to your product catalog? Findizer is made for you. Findizer is a social network that gives specialized e-tailers the possibility to promote their products to consumers. Your customers can share and comment on the products you offer on your website, making it easier for other users to discover your offers. Customer reviews also help to increase the visibility of your business online and drive more traffic to your website. Registering on Findizer is free, as is adding products to your catalog. Once registered, you can connect your online store to Findizer so that users can view and purchase your company's products directly. The social network also provides an advertising platform with targeted ads that can be shown to consumers interested in your offers. Consumers can also find personalized recommendations on Findizer thanks to the filtering system based on their tastes and interests. This allows them to quickly discover offers that match their preferences and needs, which significantly increases your chances of attracting potential customers to your online store. Finally, Findizer has an advanced commenting and rating system that allows consumers to interact with the community and express their opinion on the products offered by your companies. These feedbacks are very useful to improve the quality of the service provided by your brand and to retain the existing customers. Thanks to all these features, Findizer is an indispensable tool for specialized e-tailers wishing to improve their online visibility and give a social dimension to their product catalog.

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