Customized Payment Method

Customized Payment Method: Make your purchases your way!

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Customized Payment Method
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Possibility to offer a Customized Payment Method to your visitors and customers
  • Make it easy to understand your different payment methods thanks to clear headings and illustrations


Are you looking for a personalized payment solution? Customized Payment is for you! With this service, you can create a custom payment method in a few minutes. You define a title and an illustration that will be presented to your visitors during the checkout process. To start, define the payment method you want to offer (in-store payment, bank deposit, cash on delivery, etc.). Then, define a title and an illustration to present your payment method to customers. Finally, explain to your customers how to pay with the message that will be displayed on the order confirmation page. The Customized Payment Method is very easy to use and integrates perfectly with your website or platform. The Customized Payment Method service is ideal for any type of business or organization that wants to offer alternative or personal ways to pay their bills or buy products online. So don't wait any longer! Create your own personalized payment system with Customized Payment Method!

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