Cofidis 3X

3-installment payment!

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Cofidis 3X
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Enhanced security: Protects merchants against fraud and non-payment.
  • Assured liquidity: Full payment within two days.
  • Increased sales: Stimulation of consumption with an average 20% increase in sales.
  • Flexible pricing: Prices tailored to your industry and transaction volume.
  • No additional costs or commitments: A transparent offer, with no hidden costs and no time constraints.


Cofidis offers a fractional payment solution. This payment module enables your customers to spread their spending over 3 instalments for purchase amounts ranging from €80 to €4,500. Thanks to its easy integration with WiziShop, set-up is quick and simple. Cofidis offers enhanced security, guaranteeing sellers against the risks of fraud and non-payment. What's more, Cofidis settles the entire order within two days, ensuring smooth financial transactions and promising an average 20% increase in sales, by facilitating customers' shopping experience. Cofidis also offers flexible pricing based on your business sector and volume, with no commitment or additional fees. It's an ideal solution for e-tailers looking to increase their average basket while offering their customers a smooth, secure shopping experience.

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