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  • Créativité maximisée: Des milliers de modèles préconçus et d'outils de création intuitive à votre disposition.
  • Collaboration facilitée: Travaillez sur des designs avec votre équipe simultanément et sans contrainte.
  • Marque forte: Développez une identité visuelle cohérente et captivante sur toutes vos plateformes.
  • Rentabilité: Outil tout-en-un, pas besoin d'investir dans plusieurs logiciels de conception.
  • Intégration avec WiziShop: Créez et exportez vos designs directement depuis votre compte WiziShop.


Canva is an efficient and intuitive online graphics creation tool, designed specifically to simplify design tasks for e-tailers. Canva serves as an all-in-one platform for all visual design needs. With a library of pre-designed templates and easy-to-use authoring tools, it enables every user to create professional designs with confidence. Whether you need banner ads, product images, social media posts or any other visual medium, Canva is with you every step of the way. Canva's main asset is its ease of use. With its drag-and-drop system and intuitive interfaces, even design novices can produce professional-looking work. No need to waste time and energy learning complicated design software. In addition to its creative tools, Canva also serves as a collaborative platform. You can invite members of your team to work together on projects, reducing the hassle of sending modifications and approvals back and forth. Integration with WiziShop makes the experience even smoother for e-tailers. You can create your own visuals without even leaving your account. This simplicity and convenience make it an indispensable tool for any image-conscious e-merchant.

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