Pay in installments, the Alma experience for your customers

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Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Pay in installments for an optimal shopping experience
  • Solution integrated to your website in a few clicks
  • Covers baskets from €50 to €2,000
  • No impact on merchant cash flow
  • Guarantee against non-payment


Do you want to offer your customers a payment solution in installments? Then Alma is the solution for you. This very simple and efficient platform allows your customers to make their purchases online, without having to worry about unpaid bills. Thanks to the direct integration with Wizishop, the implementation of this tool only takes a few clicks on your website. Your customers benefit from a safe and secure payment, and can pay their orders between 2, 3 and 4 times for baskets between 50€ and 2000€! And for you, merchants, there is no need to monitor unpaid orders: Alma manages the whole process (reminders, collection...) and refunds the full amount of the cart if the order is not paid. You are therefore paid the full amount of the order on D+7 without impacting your cash flow. Alma is therefore a complete and very practical solution for your customers as well as for yourself! Offer your visitors a simple system that maximizes your conversion rate and develop your online business!

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