Shopping Cart Options

Basket options, gifts to offer in all simplicity!

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Shopping Cart Options
Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Reduce shipping costs with shopping cart options
  • Possibility to personalize shipments with a message and gift wrapping
  • SMS notifications for better order management
  • Enhanced customer experience with additional services


Looking to offer your customers an extra service and improve their shopping experience? Shopping Cart Options are the solution for you! Indeed, this option allows you to better control the orders placed on your online store and to guarantee customer satisfaction. With Shopping Cart Options, you can impose a minimum order size to get free shipping. You can also allow your customers to leave a personal message that will be slipped directly into the package sent, or offer gift wrapping for all their products to make their purchases even more enjoyable. Finally, thanks to the Shopping Cart Options, you can offer your customers the possibility to receive an alert by SMS when their order is sent in order to follow their package in real time and anticipate its delivery. This greatly contributes to improve their satisfaction and strengthens the relationship you have with them. Shopping Cart Options are therefore ideal to offer an additional service to your customers and boost your sales!

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