Shippy Pro

The revolution in your online logistics with ShippyPro!

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Shippy Pro
Developed by WiziShop
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  • Time savings: 10x faster shipping with ShippyPro.
  • Optimal delivery experience: Real-time tracking to engage customers.
  • Simplified returns: Hassle-free returns process, anywhere in the world.
  • Informed decisions: Comprehensive analysis of shipping data.
  • Growth control: Maximize your e-commerce with ShippyPro.


ShippyPro is the essential application for e-tailers wishing to offer their customers an optimal delivery experience. It brings together all the features needed to ship, track and manage order returns in an automated way, simplifying logistics management for small and large businesses alike. With the largest library of integrations on the market, ShippyPro gives users access to over 170 carriers via an API or user-friendly interface. This application offers a multitude of advantages for e-tailers. First of all, the Label Creator® tool makes it possible to manage shipments in an unrivalled way. By making the team 10 times faster in the order dispatch process, ShippyPro optimizes shipment processing time. What's more, the carrier rate comparator helps users find the best deals available, while automated shipping rules make managing shipments even easier. With Track & Trace® functionality, e-tailers can offer their customers a pleasant delivery experience. Personalized tracking notifications, e-mails and SMS messages keep customers informed at every stage of their order's progress, boosting engagement and encouraging them to return to the online store. The tracking dashboard provides a clear, detailed overview of current shipments, while recommendations for complementary products help stimulate cross-selling. Easy Return® functionality simplifies returns for customers, wherever they are. Thanks to the personalized returns portal, users can create an optimized returns loop and provide a hassle-free experience for buyers. International returns management and the inclusion of a returns label in the parcel further facilitate the returns process and contribute to customer satisfaction. Finally, ShippyPro Analytics® offers complete visibility of shipping data. By analyzing shipment-related key performance indicators, users can measure performance by country and make informed decisions. Customized reports, generated using AI and massive data analysis, monitor carrier performance, transit times, returns and costs, offering total control over e-commerce growth. In short, ShippyPro is the must-have application for e-tailers wishing to improve their logistics management and offer their customers an optimal delivery experience. With its advanced features, ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of carriers, ShippyPro is the ideal partner to ensure the success of your online business

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