Protect your form with ReCaptcha!

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  • Limit spam effectively
  • Ensure the security of your forms
  • Benefit from the reliability and expertise of the world leader Google


You want to protect your forms against spam? ReCaptcha is for you! Published by Google, this service offers you a simple and reliable solution to limit spam on your website. Thanks to simple checkboxes, it ensures that the form is filled in by a human being and not a computer program. No need to use complicated techniques or hard-to-remember passwords: reCaptcha is very easy to use and adapts to any type of website. Your visitors will be asked to select the requested images to validate their form. This anti-spam system increases the security of your platform while ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for the user. You won't have to worry about bots trying to hack into your forms anymore! Moreover, reCaptcha does not require any complicated configuration: you just need to register your site on the Google service and it is done in a few clicks. You can then embed the provided source code directly into your web page and start enjoying the benefits of reCaptcha right away. Don't let the bots invade your form! Use reCaptcha for effective spam protection and a better user experience.

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