Reassure your customers with the reassurance element!

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Developed by WiziShop
Available worldwide


  • Free delivery and local manufacturing to build customer loyalty
  • Secure payments to reassure your visitors
  • An optimized delivery time to satisfy your customers
  • Professional customer support to answer all their questions
  • A reinforced brand image to create a lasting bond with your customers


Looking to increase your online sales and gain the trust of your visitors? Elements of Reassurance are exactly what you need! With this tool, you can display additional information on your online store that will reassure visitors and encourage them to buy. With the Elements of Reassurance feature, you will be able to communicate information such as free shipping, delivery time, secure payments or local manufacturing. These details will make visitors want to buy, and thus increase your conversion rate. Elements of Reassurance is very easy to set up: some elements are already configured by default. You can customize the reassurance elements to meet the specific expectations of your target audience. So don't wait any longer to boost your business: try Elements of Reassurance and gain the trust of your visitors!

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